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The Brio Beardscape looks to be the most stunning in the marketplace, in that Warby Parker–ish “I purchase everything from start-ups” type of way. The container is smooth and the razor itself appears steeply-priced, with a good-looking sliding scale that cuts any hair between 1 mm to one.9 mm, and a charging stand that I desire each other beard trimmer got here with. Its true improvements are a ceramic blade, which is supposedly 4 instances more difficult than chrome steel (yet extra breakable, too), and the capacity to adjust the speed at which the blade oscillates. I observed all of it a piece overly complex — and the blade snagged on my cheek once or twice — but I can see it being properly customizable for men who, as the container suggests, want something “for the beard and beyond.” Even if the past just means displaying it in your bathroom shelf.

Braun BT304 Beard Trimmer
Of all the products I attempted, this one was by far the least heavy, the very best to apply, and the maximum flexible — with an incorporated blade guide that felt sturdy, and lets in the consumer to reap dozens of different lengths through clearly twisting a dial. It’s not the first-class shaver I used by any means — it doesn’t capture stubble, or have a fab stand, or do the maximum unique trimming — but I imagine it’d be handy for men who are pulling out a trimmer each few days to tweak, trim, and otherwise ideal a beard that has some length on it. Unlike the various others, you could run the entirety underwater, in order to maintain the blades cleanser, sharper, and higher suited to any obsessive facial-hair approach.

Philips Norelco OneBlade
This one is form of a wild card: somewhere among a conventional beard trimmer and a normal razor, requiring a special OneBlade — which isn’t sharp to the touch — that you’re speculated to replace every four months or so. Once you rate the manage and turn on the energy, the blade’s speedy moves reduce almost as close as a normal disposable blade, however with none fear of bleeding or ingrown hairs. You can essentially drag it all over your face haphazardly to take away all your facial hair, or use it to “area” and “form” for patterns like goatees. Using it does experience barely ordinary, such as you’re sweeping over your floor with a brush that doesn’t work as well as a vacuum. And the effects weren’t the maximum pristine, so it’s something I’m saving for holidays, when it matters less. The small length, first rate battery existence, and punchy colour make it simply right for my Dopp kit. wireless trimmer nykaa

“I have had a few superb beard trimmers through the years, but this one with the aid of a long way is the great. As soon as I began the use of it, I ought to be aware the best of the feel and cut. Very precise and smooth. Furthermore, it has millimeter settings which might be best for any beard length. I love that there is no want to oil the blades, which was constantly a trouble with the alternative trimmers. The rate lasts a totally long time. I used it two times every week and the rate lasts for months. For my needs, it’s far the perfect trimmer. I am extremely joyful with it.”